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Restaurant Knitter lunch buffee and catering services are on a summer break from 5.7. to 25.7.2021

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Knitter Catering offers tasty and handmade food from quality ingredients. Most important to us is that the ingredients are fresh and of good quality to make excellent food with skill. Our food represents the Finnish nature and is always made with great passion. With us it’s not just catering, it’s an overall experience from top staff to anything you might need in your event!

Graduation, wedding or a corporate event coming up?

To let you enjoy the party without the stress, let us cater for you.

For a full-service catering from birthday parties, memorials and weddings to even just a small gathering with friends, book your event from Knitter lunch & catering. On top of the delicious food we offer other practical arrangements such as linen and of course, quality staff. Every event is different and that is why our service is always tailored according to your needs to make your day unforgettable.

Knitter lunch & catering also offers taste sensations for lunch at our restaurant in Kilo, Espoo. Come and try our flavours and we can tell you more about our catering services. Lunch is available on weekdays from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm.

Check our example menus and request a quote or call us 040 922 2653.

Let’s have a party to remember!

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Knitter Catering
Knitter Catering
Knitter Catering
Knitter Catering

Buffet menus

First choose the size of the buffet and then choose from the following options.


2 x starter
2 x salad
2 x main course
2 x side dish
1 x dessert

46 €/person


2 x starter
2 x salad
1 x main course
1 x side dish
1 x dessert

40 €/person


2 x starter
2 x salad
1 x dessert

28 €/person


3 x salad

24 €/person

Tomato gazpacho (L, G)
Duck and tarragon mayonnaise (M, G)
Pancake, sour cream and gravlax (M, G)
Peltola Blue (cheese) and onion jam (L)
Cured whitefish, dill mayonnaise (L)
Goat cheese and figs (L, G)
Salmon tataki and chive yoghurt (L, G)
Focaccia, rocket, tomato and pesto (L, G)


Green salad and raspberry vinaigrette (M, G)
Butternut squash, feta cheese and sage (L, G)
Sun-dried tomato and beef salad (M, G)
Strawberry and melon salad (M, G)
Tomato, burrata and pesto (VL, G)
Roasted bell pepper and nuts (M, G)
Chicken and penne salad (M, G)
Crayfish and potato salad (M, G)
Caesar salad (L)
Couscous and apricot salad (M)

Main courses

Beef brisket (M, G)
Slow-cooked pork neck (M, G)
Roasted salmon (M, G)
Corn-fed chicken (M, G)
Lamb entrecôte (M, G)
Roasted portobello and nuts (M, G)
Edamame patties and wasabi mayonnaise (M, L, V)


Cognac and pepper (L, G)
Béarnaise (L, G)
Creamy garlic (L, G)
Rosemary (L, G)
Dark raspberry (L, G)
Crayfish (L, G)
Aioli (M, G)
Yellow chanterelle (L, G)
Dark juniper berry (L, G)

Side dishes

Roasted potatoes, rocket and parmesan cheese (M, G)
Honey and rosemary oven baked root vegetables (M, G)
Multi-coloured carrots with sesame seeds (L, G)
Risotto, kale and thyme (L, G)
Roasted broccolini and lemon (M, G)
Mashed potato with roasted garlic (L, G)
Cauliflower gratin (L, G)
Couscous with broccolini and raisins (M)


Berry pie, vanilla sauce and pollen (L)
Carrot Cake (L)
Vanilla pan cotta, blueberry and toasted white chocolate (VL, G)
Chocolate brownie, meringue and mascarpone mousse (L)
Oatmeal and vanilla sauce (L, G)

All menus include bread and a spread. Drinks are not included. Coffee and tea with a menu is 3,50 €/person

Supper 1 (+11,50 € / person)
Chicken wings, coleslaw, vegetable sticks, aura dip

Supper 2 (+9,00 € / person)
BBQ Pulled Pork burger, sour cream, marinated red onion and tomato