Breakfast – Espoo, Kilo

We serve breakfast on Mon-Fri from 8 am to 10 am at our restaurant in Espoo, Kilo. Enjoy breakfast on-site or take-away.

Delicious porridge, fresh roll & coffee / tea 6 €

Products are also available for purchase separately.

Fresh and Healthy Snacks

Knitter offers snacks available for purchase to-go during opening hours.

We offer a changing selection of smoothies, filled bagels/croissants/rolls, buns, fresh porridge, chia puddings, coffee/tea, skyr yogurt snacks, and refreshments.

Bagel/croissant/roll €3-6
A bun €3
Coffee €1.80
Tea €1.2
Curd €3
Pudding/porridge €3
Refreshment €3