Soup of the day and salad table €11,50 | Whole lunch €13.50

Lunch in week 21

MONDAY 20.05.

Tomato basil soup L,G
Pesto chicken L,G Lime yogurt L,G
Roasted potato with garlic and rosmary L,G
Lentil curry V,G
Rice V,G

TUESDAY 21.05.

Roasted vegetable soup L,G
Cold smoked salmon pasta L
(Also glutren free)
Avocado pasta L
(Also gluten free)
Oatmeal rhubarb crumble L Vanilla sauce L,G
(Also gluten free)


Vanilla cauliflower soup L,G
Knitters liver patties and roasted onion M,G
Cream sauce L,G Lingoberry V,G
Carrot patties M,G
Mashed potato L,G
Koskenlaskija minced meat macaroni casserole L
(Also gluten free)


Leek potato soup L,G
Green pepper pork L,G
Vegebolognese V,G
Rice V,G

FRIDAY 24.05.

Mushroom soup L,G
Fajitas Friday!
Chicken and vegetarian filling

L = lactose-free, VL = low-lactose, G = gluten-free, M=dairy-free, V=Vegan

More information about food and food allergens from the restaurant staff.

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